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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thruster \Thrust"er\, n. One who thrusts or stabs.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

type of rocket engine, 1962, agent noun; see thrust (n.).


n. 1 One who thrusts or stabs. 2 A device for propelling an object, especially a spacecraft or a ship (marine vessel). 3 (context nautical English) A bow thruster. 4 (context surfing English) A surfboard (usually a shortboard) with three fins of approximately equal size, one centred at the back, one on each side about 25cm forward and out near the rails.

  1. n. one who intrudes or pushes himself forward [syn: pusher]

  2. a small rocket engine that provides the thrust needed to maneuver a spacecraft


A thruster is a propulsive device used by spacecraft and watercraft for station keeping, attitude control, in the reaction control system, or long-duration, low-thrust acceleration.

Usage examples of "thruster".

Yoshiko experimented for a few minutes with the hand controller, getting the feel of the thrusters, while Tessa filmed the whole process, showing the people back home the ungainly, angular LM perched atop the spent third stage booster, and Yoshiko peering out the tiny windows as she concentrated on bringing the CSM around until the docking collar at the top of the capsule pointed at the hatch on top of the LM.

Only the attitudinal thrusters at the nose of the ship were still working at a hundred percent.

Randy fired his attitudinal thrusters, but the enemy had come in too close.

The misaligned lateral thrusters did work as attitudinals, after a fashion.

Disengaged from Pluto, the Extractor fleet accelerates along its course to optimum velocity through integrated thrust of augmented thrusters or other more advanced propulsion systems that are or become available in time to accomplish the Objective.

On the holographic display of the orbital linear accelerator, a small quad of engine thrusters pulsed twice, sending a tiny silver cone of crystallized exhaust into space.

On the display above the holographic projector, eight huge thrusters at the end of the linear accelerator lit up with solid, continuous pulses of blue-ion ignition.

The rebels came forth from their diamond houses, and flew across space toward the Naglfar, thrusters burning, weapons white hot, and their once-bright robes, so festive and gay, had grown laser mirrored and hardened to armor.

The hull shadowed them until the rising vessel had reached a good thousand meters and her thruster nozzles no longer outglared the sun.

He closed down the parse tube exhausts, but locked the thrusters all the way forward to keep drawing down power from the light sheaths.

Directional thrusters gimbaled to their limits, and areas of stalled air coruscated on the planform display of the dynamic pressure distribution.

The AI snarled about thruster failure and Cherenkova was screaming in his ear.

Their Qin battleships were coiling around the asteroid belt on thrusters, a long two-day journey, in order to avoid the scanners on the mining station until the last possible moment.

Ignoring the groans and snaps of tortured metal and plastic, Carmen ran the thruster limit all the way up and waited tensely for the automatic leveler to raise the tail off the ground.

The music swelled and soared with them as they danced, spilling trills in all directions to match their thruster spray.