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It was a deep Throme, and a dark, haunting, lovely Throme, a wild, special, sweet Throme made of the treasure of words in his deep heart.

Yet the Erril, long, long ago, wrote a Throme of singular and unsurpassed beauty, somewhere in his own land called Sherill, and the dark King of Everywhere desired that Throme.

Throme, the Throme of peace, the Throme of loveliness, the dark Throme of Sherill ?

If I had the Throme, I could wake at mornings knowing it belonged to me, and I could be content with the simple sunrise and the silly birds.

Cnite Caerles, and I am questing for the Throme of the Erril of Sherill.

I suggest you look for the Throme of the Erril of Sherill at the Mirk-Well of Morg.

But then I am only a poor old woman with only half my teeth, and the Throme most likely does not exist.

I will go where I must, find what I must to get that Throme, for that is the price of my loving.

There was a song I heard long ago, when my tree was a slender, stirring thing, of a Throme haunting the dark, dank, Dolorous House of a dead Doleman.

And as he rode through the days, the winds hummed a deep, dark Throme without words of storm and purple cloud and sharp, cold rain.

Cnite, the star-wand at his side and the harp at his back, rode the dagon with the morning winds to find the Throme at the Western Wellsprings.

There is no Throme, and if it does exist, it is always just beyond my outstretched hand, just beyond my eyesight.

I do not find that Throme, I may not have the one thing I want: the sad-eyed Damsen of Magnus Thrall.

Cnite Caerles wrote a Throme, and it was a deep Throme and a dark, haunting, lovely Throme, a wild, special sweet Throme, made of the tales and dreams and happenings of his quest.

He stood up, rolling the Throme neatly, and the dagon sprang to its feet.