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Crossword clues for threescore


n. (context archaic English) sixty. (60)

  1. adj. being ten more than fifty [syn: sixty, 60, lx]

  2. n. a set with 3 times 20 members

Usage examples of "threescore".

Arcturus: of the precession of equinoxes: of Orion with belt and sextuple sun theta and nebula in which 100 of our solar systems could be contained: of moribund and of nascent new stars such as Nova in 1901: of our system plunging towards the constellation of Hercules: of the parallax or parallactic drift of socalled fixed stars, in reality evermoving wanderers from immeasurably remote eons to infinitely remote futures in comparison with which the years, threescore and ten, of allotted human life formed a parenthesis of infinitesimal brevity.

But, on the other hand, I remember that men of science have maintained that the natural life of man is nearer fivescore than threescore years and ten.

And he sent before him unto God threescore saints, whom when he followed he was buried in Scleptus.

The small open space remaining was now filled with above threescore stamping, whickering warhorses, astride most of which were armored and fully armed fighting men.

In short, she had, with amazing prowess, delivered some fifty or threescore disabled Mussulmen of the pain under which they groaned, and made a comfortable booty of the spoils of the slain, when her eyes were attracted by the rich attire of an Imperial officer, who lay bleeding on the plain, to all appearance in the agonies of death.

  From the remains of a solid and stately wall, it appears to have arisen to the height of threescore feet in the valleys.

As wage slaves, toiling early and late, and living abstemiously, we could not save in threescore years--nor in twenty times threescore years--a sum of money sufficient successfully to cope with the great aggregations of massed capital which now exist.

The thunder from threescore voices filled the room and rolled through the open doors, across the pond, and out into the night.

The back gardens were therefore sacrificed to threescore additional sets of hooves, and recuperating soldiers paced guard duty to preserve the new vegetables.

Threescore of Turlocks congregated in terror to watch the burning, and untold Cavenys, and when the visiting fire companies were assembled, powerless to fight the blaze, grim Amos Turlock moved among them, issuing guns and one simple command: If the niggers try to burn the rest of the town, kill em.

It appeareth by Cardan (who writeth it upon the report of the bishop of Lexovia), in the geniture of King Edward the Sixth, how Henry the Eighth, executing his laws very severely against such idle persons, I mean great thieves, petty thieves, and rogues, did hang up threescore and twelve thousand of them in his time.

Plunging into the woods, they came at last to the greenwood tree, where they found Robin Hood and threescore of his merry men lying upon the fresh green grass.

Soon there were almost threescore folk gathered around the ancient chapel: Hugo's dozen, the fifteen monastics, and about thirty men at arms, all mounted, with the captain.

If he could put nearly threescore ships in the Great North Bay, I didn't have any doubts that there were a lot more ships and men on the way-and a lot more cannon and cartridges.

But Wedigar scoffed at that notion, pointing out tlhat fully threescore of berserker warriors might be enough to hold him down and keep him from harming himself or others.