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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a complete/thorough/full understanding
▪ The degree gives students a thorough understanding of issues relating to housing.
a good/firm/thorough etc grasp of sth
▪ Steve has a good grasp of the European legal system.
a good/thorough/solid etc grounding
▪ The aim of the course is to give students a thorough grounding in English pronunciation.
a thorough/careful check
▪ An engineer gave the computer a thorough check.
a thorough/careful search
▪ We conducted a thorough search of the building.
a thorough/comprehensive review
▪ Their conclusion is based on a comprehensive review of all the previous studies.
a thorough/rigorous examination (=very careful)
▪ There needs to be a thorough examination of these claims.
in-depth/thorough knowledge (=detailed knowledge about all of a particular subject)
▪ He demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.
thorough preparation (=very careful and detailed)
▪ Thorough preparation is the best way to do well in an exam.
▪ They were far from being a pretty sight but he forced himself to carry out as thorough an investigation as he could.
▪ My client wonders if the police have been as thorough in their research as they seem to imply.
▪ The regulation need not be as thorough as the bank or building society variety.
▪ All patients ate normal food, but some reported more thorough mastication and slower swallowing than before.
▪ It turned into a rout, more thorough than anyone could have imagined.
▪ The Arabs have a more thorough grasp of medicine than we.
▪ The physician by means of a general examination singles out the individual whose physical defects require a more thorough testing.
▪ Eventually a more thorough cleaning will remove any dirt and later retouching.
▪ He resolved upon a more thorough investigation of the crater by a trained field geologist.
▪ Perhaps this mess will prompt a more thorough check of the suitability of patients before they undergo such long and expensive treatment.
▪ You had a much more thorough training.
▪ The study has been going since early 1998, and is the most thorough investigation into speed limiters ever carried out.
▪ The redesign is the most thorough ever for a Corvette, with nearly every part of the two-seat coupe rethought and re-engineered.
▪ At the other extreme are those planners who compose the most thorough set of notes for their essays.
▪ The most thorough check costs about $ 120.
▪ Productopia is the most thorough collection of buying guides, customer opinions, ratings and links to external reviews.
▪ Lemert's concept of secondary deviance perhaps represented the most thorough resurrection of the criminological concern with the criminal justice system.
▪ The most thorough and systematic of these was conducted by Russell in San Francisco in 1978.
▪ Anaxagoras Anaxagoras' view of the universe is so thorough that it is frustrating to hear little of his meteorological doctrines.
▪ Mission designers are very thorough in eliminating any excess weight from the spacecraft.
▪ It searches the newsgroups and does a very thorough job of it.
▪ Nevertheless, Cézanne had intuitively evolved a means of explaining the nature of solid forms in a new, very thorough way.
▪ A very thorough index will save anyone from getting lost.
▪ He could be very thorough ... A body on a garbage dump nine miles out west of Atlanta.
▪ He is very thorough on the tactics and won't miss a thing.
▪ He was very thorough, very detailed.
▪ It is very thorough but requires the user to be prepared to look in depth at each technical area of painting.
▪ The judge commended not only his elegant and thorough analysis but also his lucid exposition of the work.
▪ Defensible conclusions in analyses of politics often require extensive data, thorough analysis, and consideration of several alternative explanations.
▪ Nolla etal made a more thorough analysis, determining fluid transport on days 4, 6, 9, and 13.
▪ Such an inquiry could have produced serious questions and a thorough analysis regarding the precepts of Centralism that underlay the entire scheme.
▪ These key strategic factors ought to be observable from a thorough analysis of market attractiveness and competitive strengths.
▪ A thorough analysis is indicated... it might take months.
▪ Braun has also overseen a thorough examination of all the corporate processes and product lines.
▪ A thorough examination seems long overdue.
▪ Five tenders were returned and following a thorough examination by the team, the bid of Ericsson was selected for recommendation.
▪ It is important to subject views, ideas and actions to thorough examination.
▪ After a thorough examination he said that I was well enough to hold it down.
▪ League officials are to take this on board and make a thorough examination.
▪ The police must surely have carried out a more thorough examination of the rooms since the discovery of the body.
▪ Thus Hans Sloane began the thorough grounding on which he was to build his successful career.
▪ It aims to give writers and art directors a thorough grounding of the advertising business and valuable first-hand experience.
▪ Applicants for postgraduate study should have a thorough grounding in economics, preferably at the Master's level.
▪ The first and second years of the course give students a thorough grounding in basic musicianship and develop their practical skills.
▪ The aim should be to carry out a prompt and thorough investigation.
▪ He resolved upon a more thorough investigation of the crater by a trained field geologist.
▪ Sabotage was suspected but after a thorough investigation was never proved.
▪ But before any work starts, Swindon Friends of the Earth wants a thorough investigation into the possible dangers.
▪ The study has been going since early 1998, and is the most thorough investigation into speed limiters ever carried out.
▪ Money Joint finances are highlighted - a thorough investigation of each other's spending is called for.
▪ The presence of symptomatic gall stones in eight patients is interesting and is the subject of a more thorough investigation.
▪ There's been a thorough investigation.
▪ He did make a pretty thorough job of it.
▪ It searches the newsgroups and does a very thorough job of it.
▪ Although we are all aware of relatively simple security measures such as password controls, doing a thorough job requires experience and expertise.
▪ Ferreting has been perfected to the point where it does a thorough job.
▪ Not in public, at least, if you make a thorough job of your repentance.
▪ To do a thorough job, the police need more time.
▪ However, staff would return to do a more thorough job.
▪ This position calls for a thorough knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and the role and nature of clinical development.
▪ Now, take a look at why. 1. thorough knowledge of service.
▪ A thorough knowledge of the ancients is thus a prerequisite of criticism.
▪ Students will be expected to have a thorough knowledge of them for their first grading exam.
▪ A thorough knowledge of analytical chemistry and experience in chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques is therefore essential.
▪ Sales-forces organized on a customer basis have the advantage of a thorough knowledge of their customers' needs and sales records.
▪ A thorough knowledge of such conditions is essential when determining the most advantageous international payment methods for your business.
▪ The analysis and valuation of a claim often requires a very thorough knowledge of labour, plant and materials use with time.
▪ Calls for a thorough overhaul are growing louder.
▪ Paradox 4 represents a thorough overhaul of an already well-liked product.
▪ Rufus had thought Goblander needed a thorough overhaul and the mechanic confirmed this, adding that it would cost him.
▪ A thorough review of social movement theory and research in advanced industrial democracies.
▪ Extra staff brought in to clear the backlog should be kept on until a thorough review is made.
▪ A more thorough review of statutory requirements in line with the Government concern to reduce burdens on industry has been announced.
▪ We should hope that it presages a more thorough review of alcohol taxation.
▪ After that we made a thorough search of the chapel, its walls, flagstones and altar, but there was nothing.
▪ I want a thorough search of the whole building, particularly possible means of access and exit.
▪ Julius quickly sorted through them, tossing them carelessly on to the floor as he continued his fast but thorough search.
▪ A thorough search was made but nothing was found.
▪ A prerequisite for linkage studies would thus be a thorough search for subclinical manifestations of inherited liability.
▪ Now Benning wanted a thorough search and with Carter in custody this should pose no problem.
▪ One that balances leading edge technological capability with a thorough understanding of your business.
▪ Successful practice requires a thorough understanding of how a shift from practical to verbal consciousness occurs and may be facilitated.
▪ Moreover, a thorough understanding of the uses of technology may demand more or less understanding of theoretical science.
▪ To gain a thorough understanding of the concepts presented, the reader is referred to the bibliography.
▪ It has the added value of being firmly rooted in a thorough understanding of technique.
▪ Finally, a thorough understanding of the characteristics and potential of all the channels available is essential for good communication.
▪ The intention here is to provide prospective teachers with a thorough understanding of language as a phenomenon in an educational context.
▪ However, these proposals are not based currently on thorough understanding of the consequences.
▪ a thorough investigation
▪ Building inspectors should have a thorough knowledge of construction materials.
▪ Congress is demanding a thorough investigation.
▪ Have you had a thorough medical check-up within the last year?
▪ His assessment of the situation was quite thorough.
▪ Our mechanics will check everything - they're very thorough.
▪ Researchers have to be very thorough to make sure lab results are accurate.
▪ The police have made a thorough search of the area.
▪ The position requires a thorough understanding of web page design software.
▪ The report was thorough and detailed.
▪ A thorough examination seems long overdue.
▪ Environmental impact research and consultation with Aborigines and pastoralists have been thorough, it says.
▪ Julius quickly sorted through them, tossing them carelessly on to the floor as he continued his fast but thorough search.
▪ Other groups of plants require a thorough revision before we can be sure of the proper name for the species.
▪ The aim should be to carry out a prompt and thorough investigation.
▪ The Braves' 12-1 victory in Game 1 Sunday night was a rude, thorough dismantling.
▪ The Braves were more methodical but just as thorough, the baseball version of water torture.
▪ Thus Hans Sloane began the thorough grounding on which he was to build his successful career.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thorough \Thor"ough\, prep. [See Through.] Through. [Obs.]
--Spenser. Shak.


Thorough \Thor"ough\, a.

  1. Passing through; as, thorough lights in a house. [Obs.]

  2. Passing through or to the end; hence, complete; perfect; as, a thorough reformation; thorough work; a thorough translator; a thorough poet.


Thorough \Thor"ough\, adv.

  1. Thoroughly. [Obs. or Colloq.]

  2. Through. [Obs.]


Thorough \Thor"ough\, n. A furrow between two ridges, to drain off the surface water. [Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, adjectival use of Old English þuruh (adv.) "from end to end, from side to side," stressed variant of þurh (adv., prep.); see through. Related: thoroughly; thoroughness.


Etymology 1 a. 1 painstaking and careful not to miss or omit any detail 2 utter; complete; absolute alt. 1 painstaking and careful not to miss or omit any detail 2 utter; complete; absolute Etymology 2

n. (context UK dialect English) A furrow between two ridges, to drain off the surface water. prep. (context obsolete English) through. (9th-19th c.)

  1. adj. painstakingly careful and accurate; "our accountant is thorough"; "thorough research"

  2. very thorough; exhaustively complete; "an exhaustive study"; "made a thorough search"; "thoroughgoing research" [syn: exhaustive, thoroughgoing]


In 17th century England, Thorough was a name given by Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford to a scheme of his to establish absolute monarchy in England. Although "Thorough" is largely attributed to Strafford, its implementation can also be accredited to the Archbishop of Canterbury William Laud.

Thorough (disambiguation)

Thorough may refer to:

  • Thorough (policy) of Laud and Wentworth in England and Ireland in the 1630s
  • Thorough Guides, late-Victorian travel guides
  • HMS Thorough (P324), British submarine 1942–62
  • Thorough-bass, a kind of musical notation in which numerals and symbols indicate intervals, chords, and non-chord tones, in relation to the bass note they are placed above or below.
  • Efficiency–thoroughness trade-off principle

Usage examples of "thorough".

After a thorough cleansing of the vaginal surfaces of mucus, by means of the warm or hot water, it is sometimes advisable to inject remedial fluids.

But no one had a more thorough grasp of every aspect of astronautics and microgravity science than he, and in the end that counted more than his relative lack of flight hours.

He took thorough care, and finally encountered a hoof-trodden patch of bared ice.

After a thorough brainwashing conducted by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations representative, A.

For many years our specialists have experimented, and have given the various appliances in common use in these cases most thorough and practical tests, and have found them very defective, being generally constructed upon wrong principles.

Miss Mannering herself walked into the morning room, trailed by the faithful Caliban, both of them greatly improved in appearance by thorough scrubbings.

Either way he would look after her until the Moonraker was safely fired and then, before work began on the Mark II weapon, there would have to be a very thorough clean-up indeed.

He laughed so genuinely and with such thorough enjoyment that Portia, somewhat abashed, laughed too.

The responsibilities were overwhelming despite his thorough prenticeship, and his workload was staggering.

Criminal profiling will never take the place of a thorough and wellplanned investigation nor will it ever eliminate the seasoned, highly trained, and skilled detective.

A Republican, Fiske was highly regarded as a thorough and fair-minded lawyer with prosecutorial experience.

As a matter of fact, he never had gotten a thorough look at Punning Parker.

There was an Invigilator among them who, while not quite as thorough in pursuit as a Pursuivant might be, was nonetheless to be reckoned with.

That most charming mixture of dignified self respect, with unfailing gracious courtesy to others, those manners in which frankness and refinement mingled with and set off each other, that perfect purity of thought and utterance, and yet that thorough enjoyment of all that was good and racy in wit or humour - this has passed away with him.

She stood up, leaned back on her hind feet, dug her foreclaws into the ground well in front of her, gave her vertebrae a thorough stretching, then recompacted herself and walked casually toward the Giants, her tail carried like a tall exclamation point over the round dot beneath.