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n. (plural of thong English)


Thongs may refer to:

  • Thong, a garment which primarily covers only the pubic area.
  • G-string, a variant of the thong garment.
  • Flip-flops, a type of footwear.
  • Long, thin strips, generally of sturdy fiber or leather, typically used for binding.
  • The thin, flexible strand or strands of a whip.

Usage examples of "thongs".

And there was no safety from him save in thongs and stripes and lashes!

Then he untied the thongs that held up the drape around their bed, and when it fell, motioned to her.

Coils of ropes and twines of sinew and bark, no matter what size, were even and uniform, as were the long thongs, cut in a spiral from a single hide.

Hanging from it by loops was a dagger, made by sharpening the tip of a mammoth tusk, and crosshatching the grip for better purchase, a rawhide sheath with an ivory-handled flint knife, and a round, wheel-shaped object with spokelike divisions from which were suspended, by thongs, a pouch, some canine teeth, and most prominent, the brushy tip of a cave lion tail.

While Talut held the boy, another man took one of the long leather thongs and began to wrap it around him, tying his right arm down to his side.

The limbs were bound in place with rawhide thongs which had become mere rotted wisps.

Heavy bands of bronze circled their waists, and from these belts hung the black thongs of whips.

Eilonwy put the glowing sphere on the floor, went quickly to Taran, and unknotted the thongs that bound him.

With leather thongs she bound the still-unfinished embroidery to the end of a spear.

Their stout leather boots, laced and bound with thongs, barely showed below their cloaks, and looked like nothing so much as rapidly moving tree stumps.

She stumbled forward while the gray shadow tore away the thongs holding her feet.

Tarzan in tones of authority that belied the camel leather thongs about his wrists.

She untied the waterlogged thongs that held her currying basket to her back and shrugged it off, then took out a heavy aurochs hide and a sturdy branch stripped of twigs.

He opened them with a surge of relief when he felt the thongs cut away from his wrists.

On the other side, a small section was partitioned off with hanging leather hides marked with esoteric symbols, and a screen of thongs -- one of the hides cut into narrow strips.