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Thomé and Thome are French or German variants of the name Thomas which now appears as a surname and in placenames.

Usage examples of "thome".

But there were a few, such as Thome, who could see no sense in absorbing defeat after defeat, humiliation after humiliation.

In fact, Thome had more trouble getting Man to agree to the meeting than any of the aliens.

It had taken almost three years to set up the conference, years during which Man had lost seven more worlds, years during which Thome despaired almost daily of bringing the project to fruition, but at last the appointed moment had arrived.

A three-legged Pnathian lumbered over to Thome, an unbelievably complex T-pack arrangement attached to its helmet.

Decker Thome was looking considerably wild-eyed and not at all amused.

If not for Decker Thome she could have been lying in this bed feeling nothing at all.

Grecized form of Mailapur, Meliapur, or, as the Catalan map has it, Mirapor, the place since called San Thome, near the modern Madras.

Elinor did for a living before she went to work for Raymond Thome Productions, the firm she was with when she died.

Raymond Thome Productions was on the sixth floor of one of the newer steel-and-glass hives on Madison Avenue in the Forties.

Raymond Thome and learned that the copies of the photographs were ready, I told Wolfe I was flipping the switch for the plant rooms for incoming calls and went for a walk.

Raymond Thome or someone in his employ who was closely associated with Elinor Denovo.

Friday morning, and the brandy took Thome into a kind of talking trance that made him forget about time, and also seemed to oil his memory, which was just luck.

Wolfe noticed it, and that was what kept him from going on and on and making a night of it unless Thome ran down.

So it was only half past one and they had only got to the middle of Monday afternoon when he looked at the clock and said he was too tired to continue, and Thome must be too.

Goodwin would see if they could find a hint in any of the items Thome had supplied.