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adv. though conj. though


adv. despite the fact that; "even though she knew the answer, she did not respond" [syn: although, though]

Usage examples of "tho'".

Town with the Jacobite Name, tho' perhaps not quite to the ridgeline above it.

County Durham, he has been hearing Tales of this iniquitous Sink all his Life, tho' having till now successfully avoided it.

Calvert, tho' not by me, for I consider him subtle, believes you a Wizard, a Dowser of Iron.

Now and then someone, tho' the Bellows are never quite fast enough to reveal who, tells another King-Joak.

Control, of his intention to kill her, passionate lad, tho' not in any way women are apt to find welcome, is it?

Speaking-Trumpet, tho' they are close enough not to require any, causing Mason to wince.

An tho' Bessy went short, or had nooan, Shoo wor kinder nor ivver to me.

Then why should we envy his wealth an his lands, Tho' sarvents attend to obey his commands?

An this thowt oft cheers me, tho' fortun may fraan, Tha may yet be a jewel to shine in His craan.

Mak trewth an honesty yor guide, Tho' some may laff an rail, Fear net, whativver ills betide, At last yo must prevail.

What care they tho' he smothered a sigh, Or wiped off a tear as they coom?

An tho' old crackt voices dooant saand varry sweet, He knows varry weel what we mean.

I was generally a leader among the boys, and sometimes led them into scrapes, of which I will mention one instance, as it shows an early projecting public spirit, tho' not then justly conducted.

Keimer, tho' something of a scholar, was a mere compositor, knowing nothing of presswork.

He was otherwise an ingenious, sensible man, a pretty good writer, and a good governor for the people, tho' not for his constituents, the proprietaries, whose instructions he sometimes disregarded.