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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thitherto \Thith"er*to`\, adv. To that point; so far. [Obs.]


adv. (context archaic English) thereto, to that point

Usage examples of "thitherto".

We examined animal after animal, then, and found the estate rich in thitherto unsuspected carnivora.

Charens became a leader of the poor, demanding reforms: such as compelling the rich to pay taxes, which irksome duty they had thitherto managed most featly to shirk.

The French Reign of Terror, beginning in 1793, lasted little more than a year, even though it grew out of prolonged and continuing conditions of inner and outer political activity heightened to a degree thitherto unknown in Europe.

Josiah had to stand the hectoring and nagging that thitherto had been distributed among many.

Anteia is pleased when I lie to her that I was thitherto a virgin, but grows subject to fits of jealousy when I tell her later that I've raped an Amazon between our trysts, and breaks off the affair when she finds herself pregnant, but reinstitutes it some years later, I forget why, but breaks it off finally when she and Proetus go vacationing in Italy, et cetera, I forget.