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This Side

This Side is the Grammy-winning fourth album by the progressive bluegrass band Nickel Creek, released on Sugar Hill in the summer of 2002. It gained some notoriety in indie rock circles due to the group's recording of a Pavement song, " Spit on a Stranger". Alison Krauss acted as a producer for the album.

This Side (song)

"This Side" was the first single by the progressive bluegrass band Nickel Creek from their second album, This Side. Sean Watkins takes vocal duties for "This Side".

The song was written by Sean Watkins. It is one of three songs recorded by Nickel Creek that were written single-handedly by Sean, the other two being "Somebody More Like You" on Why Should the Fire Die?, and "Speak". The single peaked at #56 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Usage examples of "this side".

Roman men were pouring thick from the wood out of all array, followed by a close throng of the kindreds: for on this side the Romans were outnumbered and had stumbled unawares into the ambush of the Markmen, who had fallen on them straightway and disarrayed them from the first.

The milling throngs were moving around them like swirling garments in a washing machine, meandering from this side of the street to the other in an unpredictable, never-ending cycle.

What lay on this side of the fence was about eight inches of curb, and then the lane we were stopped in.

From this side of the house, the meadow was invisible, but he could still smell the smoke of their fires, and catch the faint trill of music on the air.

Already, men on this side of the creek were carrying the timbers down to repair the bridge.

So now the Wolfings and the Bearings met joyously the kindreds of the Nether Mark and the others of the second battle, and they sang the song of victory arrayed in good order hard by the Roman rampart, while bowstrings twanged and arrows whistled, and sling-stones hummed from this side and from that.