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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
at three o'clock/seven thirty etc on the dot (=at exactly 3:00/7:30 etc)
▪ Mr Green arrived at six on the dot.
at ten thirty/2 o'clock etc sharp
be the wrong side of thirty/forty etc
be thirty-something/forty-something etc
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thirty \Thir"ty\, a. [OE. thritty, AS. [thorn]r[=i]tig, [thorn]rittig; akin to D. dertig, G. dreissig, Icel. [thorn]rj[=a]t[=i]u, [thorn]rj[=a]tigi, [thorn]rir teger, Goth. [thorn]reis tigjus, i.e., three tens. See Three, and Ten, and cf. Thirteen.] Being three times ten; consisting of one more than twenty-nine; twenty and ten; as, the month of June consists of thirty days.


Thirty \Thir"ty\, n.; pl. Thirties.

  1. The sum of three tens, or twenty and ten; thirty units or objects.

  2. A symbol expressing thirty, as 30, or XXX.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c. metathesis of thritti, from Old English þritig, from þri, þreo "three" (see three) + -tig "group of ten" (see -ty (1)). Similar formation in Old Frisian thritich, Old Saxon thritig, Dutch dertig, Old High German drizzug, German dreissig.\n

\nThe Thirty Years' War (1842) was a religious power struggle waged 1618-48, mainly on German soil. The symbol -30- as printer and telegrapher's code to indicate the last sheet or line of copy or a dispatch is recorded from 1895. In 20c. jargon of newspaper journalism, it came to be a traditional sign-off signal and slang word for "the end."


n. (context slang English) A rack of thirty beers. num. The cardinal number occurring after twenty-nine and before thirty-one, represented in Arabic numerals as 30.


adj. being ten more than twenty [syn: 30, xxx]


n. the cardinal number that is the product of ten and three [syn: 30, XXX]

Thirty (album)

Thirty is the third studio album by Australian recording artist Anthony Callea. It was released on 26 April 2013, by ABC Music.

Usage examples of "thirty".

He was intercepted in the career of victory, since he died in the forty-fifth year of his age: but he had already accomplished, in a reign of thirty years, the establishment of the French monarchy in Gaul.

No Papist could purchase a freehold or lease for more than thirty years, or inherit from an intestate Protestant, nor from an intestate Catholic, nor dwell in Limerick or Galway, nor hold an advowson, nor buy an annuity for life.

Opening its affinity full, projecting a wordless shout of joy and sorrow over a spherical zone thirty astronomical units in radius.

Marvelous as it may appear to all sufferers from this distressing affliction, I was discharged from your Institute in thirty days, a well and sound man, and only from memory and the record do I know that I was ever ruptured.

Bothwell had taken three wounds in a Border affray some weeks before, and Mary, hearing of this and that he lay in grievous case at Hermitage, had ridden thither in her fond solicitude - a distance of thirty miles - and back again in the same day, thus contracting a chill which had brought her to the very gates of death.

It shook off the remaining loose nanomissiles and fired thirty of them straight at the Affronter ship.

With a sigh of relief he pulled his foot out of it, and from it carefully poured into the small power-tank of the craft fully thirty pounds of allotropic iron!

Standing now at the edge of this pond, Ambler whipped his fishing rod back and forth, trying to drop the tiny dot of burgundy fly into the yellow plastic hoop floating thirty feet away.

I laid an ambuscade, with thirty men and three officers, near the road.

Venta Cruz they came upon an ambuscade of 1000 Indians, but put them to flight with the loss of only one killed and two wounded, the Indians losing their chief and about thirty men.

In an analysis that is over thirty years old and conducted long before we developed the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile and early-mobilization program, the World Health Organization estimated in 1970 that the release of aerosolized anthrax over a densely populated area with 5 million people could result in 250,000 casualties, 100,000 of whom would die unless treated.

And if on the other hand nothing at all is accomplished in twenty or thirty stagnant years - how distasteful is anticlimax to the young!

And when the accused has given him a copy of the appeal, the Judge shall notify him that he has yet two days before he need answer it, and after those two days thirty more before he need prepare the apostils of the case.

He rolled twice and fell over the edge of the arroyo to the floor thirty feet below.

Hopefully, it will evolve and grow along the lines that John Campbell set for Analog more than thirty years ago.