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n. (plural of thigh English)

Usage examples of "thighs".

His testicles swung heavy against his thighs, evidence of his recent climax, but her heart jolted in her chest when she saw his penis jutting out, thick and erect.

The lead dancers are Cariocan women, scantily clad beauties gyrating beneath giant headdresses, their bare breasts flashing with sequins pasted on their nipples, their thighs glistening with aromatic oils rubbed on in the staging area by friends and lovers even while their lovely hips moved with the first fast, choppy beats of the sexual rhythm.

His thighs were clamped to the powerful animal beneath him, heat meeting heat, flesh against flesh.

He shoved his plaid aside and straddled the bench, spreading her thighs open and moving between them.

His hand moved between them, pulling his plaid up and to the side, and his naked flesh was suddenly against her own, thighs to thighs, groin to buttocks.

He knelt down and parted her legs, steadying her with a warm palm on her bottom as he gently wiped the cloth between her thighs, washing away his dried semen.

His thighs were hard and warm under her bottom, his shoulder a wonderful resting place for her head.

Panting, Grace opened her legs and took him between them, gripping his hips with her thighs even as she pushed hard on his shoulders.

She rode him hard again and this time he came before she did, his powerful body arching between her thighs, his hands gripping her hips and grinding her down on him.

His hands were on her body, her breasts and thighs and loins, ensuring she acknowledged his claim on her even as he comforted her.

Instinctively she clamped her thighs together, then forced herself to relax.

Yet she whimpered with fear when his fingers slid to the apex of her thighs, stroking deep.

Pleased to see his control cracking, she removed her hands from under his shirt and began kneading his thighs, avoiding the hard ridge of male flesh that strained against his trousers.

His huge man-organ swung before his hairy thighs, and it, too, was raw with sores.

Man Face leaned forward, put the sage on the embers and fanned it, and when the white, fragrant smoke rose from it, he scooped toward himself with his hands and bathed his face, chest, arms, and thighs with the smoke.