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n. (context organic compound English) A saturated six-membered heterocycle containing five carbon atoms and one sulfur atom


Thiane is a heterocyclic compound containing a saturated six-membered ring with five carbon atoms and one sulfur atom.

Usage examples of "thiane".

Chimele said flatly, while Mejakh also flicked out, vanished with a shriek of rage, leaving Chimele, and Thiane, and Aiela, who stood in the shadows.

Isande, who had waited outside rather than break in upon Thiane, was timidly venturing into the room, and Chimele's sweeping glance included both the kamethi.

It seemed, though one could not be certain, that a smile touched the face of Thiane, a smile which was no longer present as she turned to stare at the being who stood in the shaft of pale light.

And Thiane turned last to the image of Tejef in its shaft of light, and he bowed his head.

He stopped before Chimele and Thiane, and gave Thiane a bow of courtesy, lifting his eyes again to Thiane, as if the action were painful.

And hail Thiane, whose honor and chanokhia will be remembered in Ashanome.