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a. 1 (context obsolete English) Lacking morals or virtue. 2 Lacking vigour or energy; listless.

Usage examples of "thewless".

Monday, the 4th of August 1947, Mr Richard Thewless walked in pleasant sunshine through the West End of London.

Impecunious barristers, bankrupt country gentlemen, or harassed provincial professors with sons who must either win an Eton scholarship or be swept into the hideous maw of national education: these were persons whom Mr Thewless took pleasure in succouring.

Nevertheless, Mr Thewless profoundly sympathized with the conservative disposition evinced by this category of his employers.

Mr Thewless, hoping that his services might he retained by this eminent scientist, looked forward to a congenial environment still materially cushioned by a substantial prosperity.

But Mr Thewless was aware of no more than a growing sense of oppression which he put down partly to the sultry quality of this London morning and partly to the sombre richness of the apartment.

Mr Thewless was somewhat humiliated to find that his first impulse before these masterpieces was in the direction of financial calculation.

Conscientiously then Mr Thewless elevated his mind to aesthetic contemplation.

Mr Thewless was not altogether confident about himself, this was certainly not because he had disappointed any very general expectations.

But such secret persuasions were no doubt commonly harboured by the unsuccessful, and Mr Thewless attached small significance to them.

Mr Thewless resolved to get the job, and to get it as the result of displaying an uncompromising professional severity.

Those strangely logical landscapes and those birds perched amid blossoms miraculously disposed were, Mr Thewless conjectured, about a thousand years old.

Mr Thewless went almost automatically through the preliminary exchanges that followed.

Quite automatically, Mr Thewless looked judicial and nodded as does one man of superior understanding to another.

Mr Thewless got so far, Sir Bernard showed every sign of eating out of his hand.

To Mr Thewless, who contrived to manage boys simply by taking his ability to do so for granted, this was a familiar situation in which there was always something slightly ridiculous.