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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

trademark registered in Britain 1907, invented by Sir James Dewar (patented 1904 but not named then), from Greek thermos "hot" (see thermal). Dewar built the first one in 1892, but it was first manufactured commercially in Germany in 1904, when two glass blowers formed Thermos GmbH. Supposedly the company sponsored a contest to name the thing, and a Munich resident won with a submission of Thermos.


n. A bottle, flask or similar vessel having a vacuum between its inner and outer silvered walls; designed to maintain the temperature of its contents


n. vacuum flask that preserves temperature of hot or cold drinks [syn: thermos bottle, thermos flask]

Thermos (disambiguation)

Thermos may refer to:

  • A vacuum flask generically known as a "thermos"
  • a brand of domestic vacuum flask made by Thermos L.L.C.
  • Thermos (Aetolia), an ancient Greek city, the capital city of the Aetolian League
  • a Thermos Bomb, the AR-4 anti-personnel bomb used during World War II
  • a No. 73 Grenade, an anti-tank hand grenade of World War II
  • Thermos (album), a 1990 album by Bailter Space
Thermos (Aetolia)

Thermos (; also known as Thermon or Thermum; ) was an ancient Greek sanctuary, which served as the regular meeting place of the Aetolian League. Its focal point was the temple of Apollo Thermios famous for the archaic terracotta metopes decorated with painted scenes from mythology which are among the earliest examples of this art form in Greece.

Usage examples of "thermos".

I packed the brains in a thermos of ice, rushed them to the lab and prevailed on one of my colleagues to show me where the different bits were, bits which I had only known in the past by obscure dog-latin anatomical labels but which I now saw corresponded to real masses of cells.

He watched the occasional truck driver walking back out of the restaurant building, cradling a thermos of coffee or some carryout gut bomb from the choke and puke inside.

All, he noticed, appeared smaller than the white behemoth he drank from that first night, but like the Charolais bull, the black steer he finally approached yielded to him, and he fed, wishing he had some way to refrigerate his thermos so he could bring it along and fill it up.

Part Ii Nine The way I got all this--mostly from an auxiliary cop named Coggins who had a thermos full of wonderful-smelling coffee--was that around midnight Iris Courtney started worrying about her husband.

There was a Thermos full of fruit punch for Cristy and a bottle of pinot noir for the adults.

Before he went into it he sent for his thermos flask which he had left in the dressing-room and took it into the hottest room with him.

I was drinking black coffee from a Thermos lid and Kid Kolmer was eating a fried egg sandwich because he could never wait until lunch time.

Carolyn a stack of Monday newspapers, a thermos of tea, a bag of oranges, a box of extra-strength Tylenol, and four small containers of yogurt.

Mariella, exhausted by the drag of gravity, made horribly nauseous by motion sickness and the hot, humid, reeking air, clutched the thermos and her slate with stubborn strength.

The stainless steel thermos flask stands on the heavy oak credenza by the bed.

Clutching the thermos flask, she climbs down into warm, eucalyptus-scented air.

Utopia, she learns that the comatose Kapera is under study along with a strange concoction in a thermos called Hyper-K.

Nanoannie unscrewed the thermos and wrinkled her nose at the rotten fruit smell.

She screwed the cap back on the thermos and stuffed it under the tethered blanket of her bunk.

Also ice-screws, water bottles, food, thermos bottles, a camera, pitons in a dozen sizes, flukes, rescue pulleys, etc.