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thermal imaging

n. thermography

Usage examples of "thermal imaging".

It was a camera, it was a rifle, it worked in the dark, it had thermal imaging.

He switched the control to thermal imaging by trained reflex and saw armed figures rising from the ground to rush the open hatch.

I'm sure our friends the Russians out there on the water are using thermal imaging to keep an eye on this place.

Daniel paused to put on his goggles and switch them to thermal imaging.

NightSight was Raytheon's marine thermal imaging system, capable of locating wreck survivors in the dark.

The normal holographic target display wasn't picked up by his visor's thermal imaging.

The normal holographic target display wasnt picked up by his visors thermal imaging.

You should have them on your thermal imaging, in which case you can open up on them right now.

It was mounted high enough that it had a better view even than the crane and it had thermal imaging so sometimes he could pick out details that way.

Either way, all of the Americans had night-vision systems and state-of-the-art FLIR technologyforward-looking infrared thermal imaging systems that could pick up the heat signatures of their bodies and engines.

The water was too good a heat conductor for thermal imaging to be of much use, but color-highlighted ripple patterns would/might be enough warning.