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conj. (obsolete spelling of therefore English)

Usage examples of "therfore".

And therfore the poets feined not their fables in vain, considering that children in time of their first studies, are very much allured thereby to proceed to more grave and deepe studies and disciplines, whereas their mindes would quickly loath the wise and prudent workes of learned men, wherein in such unripe years they take no spark of delectation at all.

Then answered Pithias, I beare the office of the Clerke of the market, and therfore if you will have any pittance for your supper speake and I will purvey it for you.

But you that have roved about in the country of Boetia, have lost your valiante captaine Lamathus, whose life I more regarded than all the treasure which you have brought : and therfore the memory of him shall bee renowned for ever amongst the most noble kings and valiant captains : but you accustome when you goe abroad, like men with ganders hearts to creepe through every corner and hole for every trifle.

I am sure that thou doost not vnderstand these Hieragliphs, but they make much for thy purpose: and therfore they are placed for a Monument and thing to be considered, of such as passe by.

Maister William Havvkins of Plimmouth, in the voyage he made foure or fiue yeares before, when as they did both breake their promise, and murthered many of his men, whereof I iudge you haue vnderstood, and therfore needlesse to be repeated.

Starfleet commander with a specialty in command or strategic operations, and therfore a priority target.

Therfore let euery man beholde and ouerrede this boke: And than I doute nat but he shal se the errours of his lyfe of what condycyon that he be.

Therfore to answare wat3 ar3e mony athel freke, And al stouned at his steuen and stonstil seten In a swoghe sylence thur3 the sale riche.

But I wol nat avowe that I seye, And therfore keepe it secree, I yow preye.

And therfore he, of ful avysement, Nolde nevere write, in none of his sermouns, Of swiche unkynde abhomynaciouns.

And therfore, Ost, I warne the biforn, My joly body shal a tale telle And I shal clynkyn yow so mery a belle That I shal wakyn al this companye.

Glad was this markys and the folk therfore, For though a mayde child coome al bifore, She may unto a knave child atteyne By liklihede, syn she nys nat bareyne.

I meene of Marke, Mathew, Luc, and John, But doutelees hir sentence is al oon, Therfore, lordynges alle, I yow biseche If that yow thynke I varie as in my speche, As thus, though that I telle somwhat moore Of proverbes, than ye han herd bifoore, Comprehended in this litel tretys heere, To enforce with theffect of my mateere, And though I nat the same wordes seye As ye han herd, yet to yow alle I preye, Blameth me nat.

The presentes been ful roially yfet, This is to seyn, the swerd and the mirrour, And born anon into the heighe tour With certeine officers ordeyned therfore.

Therfore he made hym dyen in this wise, But nathelees, this Seneca the wise Chees in a bath to dye in this manere, Rather than han anoother tormentise, And thus hath Nero slayn his maister deere.