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n. (plural of theme English)

Themes (Vangelis album)

Themes is a 1989 compilation album of works by Greek electronic composer and artist Vangelis. It featured some previously released tracks from Vangelis's other albums, as well as some pieces from movie soundtracks that had not previously been released.

The album is notable because it marked the first official appearances of Vangelis' music from the films Blade Runner, The Bounty and Missing. Of these three film scores, only the Blade Runner soundtrack has since received an official release.

Themes (Silent Stream of Godless Elegy album)

Themes is an album by Moravian ethno metal band Silent Stream of Godless Elegy ( Czech Republic), originally released in 2000 by Redblack. This album was priced Czech Grammy Award as the best act in hard'n'heavy genre in 2001.

Themes (Clannad album)

Themes is a compilation album released in 1992 ( US: 1995) by the Irish music group Clannad.

Usage examples of "themes".

The admittedly inferior musician is the one who, like Auber and Offenbach, not to mention our purveyors of drawing-room ballads, can produce an unlimited quantity of symmetrical tunes, but cannot weave themes symphonically.

To do this it makes use of the themes which are most significant in the development of the psychology of the drama, which is far and away its most important element, for the pictures are not many, and the visible action is slight.

If I depart here for a brief space from my announced purpose not to analyze the music in the manner of the Wagnerian commentators, it will be only because the themes of the prelude are the most pregnant of those employed in the working out of the drama, because their specific significance in the purpose of the composer is plainly set forth by their association with scenes and words, and because they are most admirably fitted by structure and emotional content to express the things attributed to them.

The prelude is built out of a few themes which are associated with some of the most significant elements of the play.

Simply for the sake of identification hereafter names will be attached to the themes out of which the prelude is constructed and which come from the chief melodic factors of the opera.

Once in the prelude it appears in three different forms simultaneously, and in an augmented shape it forms the substratum of the prelude, while other themes are cunningly woven above it.

His psychological insight and almost tender handling of his themes made him in a way the first serious Gothic writer, obsessed with pain and death, but using the obvious horror elements only as means to convey a deeper significance.

Science fiction is a field with its own qualities and possibilities, and it should be recognized not for its handling of standard literary tools but for its handling of tools and themes unique for the field.

It should be noted, though, that none of these writers ever have had any connection with sf or sf fandom previously to their writing sf, and the themes employed are thus often old hat for the aficionado.

Lovejoy, Great chain of being, whose themes we will explore in detail in chapter 9.

These are some of the many developmental and evolutionary themes of this volume.

But I believe the general outlines presented in this chapter are consonant with the main themes of their work on enactive cognition and structural coupling, and when we later return to their work, these parallels will, I believe, be more apparent.

Habermas makes clear that he is, in part, picking up certain Hegelian themes and pursuing them along a road not taken, that of reason as communicative action.

That harmonyand not a reductionism that tears into the fabric of each in the name of a pretend wholenessis one of the overall themes of this volume.

Nondual traditions would appeartraditions uniting and integrating the Ascending and Descending paths, in the East and in the Westwe find a similar set of themes expressed so constantly as to border on mathematical precision.