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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

emphatic plural pronoun, c.1300, from their + self, with self, originally an inflected adjective, treated as a noun with a meaning "person." Related: Theirselves.


pron. 1 (context nonstandard English) (alternative form of themself English) 2 (context nonstandard English) (alternative form of themselves English)

Usage examples of "theirself".

I knowed people built theirself up with sin till they figgered they was big mean shucks in the sight a the Lord.

Folks in the city, rich folks anyway, they had little cards they put their name on, to announce theirself when they came to visit.

I hope you air satisfied, perswading me to stay out here on the Missoury and skin bufflers and fight musketeers, whilst everybody else in the family is having big doings and enjoying theirselves.

People would perch from time to time on our old territory, but them Choctaws or whatever the hell they called theirselves, they was about the only ones that never left.

They got hands like men, and they learned the trick of working iron way back, meteoric iron mostly, and they make great sheets and plates of it to cover theirselves with.

Right in the middle of the dispute, when it looked like maybe the Warrens would get to fighting among theirselves and finish each other before the Barlows could get there, I lit out with the boy Bill, which seemed to have considerable sense for a Warren.

Far as I can see, these folks here wuz just plain out stupid and got theirselves kilt.

They call theirselves the Righteous Rulers, and under their inspired leadership we are gonna drive the money changers outa the Temple.

  He sed the ethereal essunce of the koordinate branchis of super-human natur becum mettymorfussed as man progrest in harmonial coexistunce & eventooally anty humanized theirselves & turned into reglar sperretuellers.

  I knew she and the wimin folks was havin' a pleasant time slanderin' the females of the other sowin' circle (which likewise met that arternoon, and was doubtless enjoyin' theirselves ekally well in slanderin' the fust-named circle), and I didn't send for her.

Somehow I never could see no kind o' critter a strivin' and pantin', and trying to clar theirselves, with the dogs arter 'em and go agin 'em.

They’re stuffing their faces in the diningrooms, making their hastiest excuses to your mother, and then heading for their homes like the sorry shamed creatures they rightly ought to consider theirselves.

And the children, would they want to go or would they consider theirselves Motleys by having been born there?

Indin women who seen us coming would lay down quick and throw sand up inside theirselves to take the fight out of us boys, y'know, unless we got a lasso onto 'em first.