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their asses

pron. (context vulgar slang the third person singular English) they.

Usage examples of "their asses".

With them came also their asses and mules, cattle and dogs and sheep.

I think we're about to set the ballistic missile weenies of the world back on their asses big-time.

Then if they can't see their way clear to do that, they can carry their asses.

Next, she went with a guy that had seemed real nice but one day he got both their asses arrested for shoplifting, an she decided it was time to pull hersef together.

When Pike was a recruit, his class had been doing physical training on the track field one hot winter afternoon as their PT instructor shouted that unless they got the lead out of their asses they wouldn't befit to protect dog shit or serve hot beer.

He wanted their asses, wanted to watch them die, wanted to be there personally when they paid for the civilians they'd butchered.

Especially when half your flight crews don't seem to know their asses from their elbows!

Especially when half your flight crews dont seem to know their asses from their elbows!

I tell my superiors, theyll laugh their asses off, me suggesting you guys run an investigation.

Mohawk and a friend of his had once jumped on me and Leonard and we'd whipped their asses.

They're out to make the best deal they can to save their asses and they'll turn to the first strong man again who keeps their lunch buckets full.

Means they've got no reserves left, they've got their asses to the wall.