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THD may refer to:

  • Total harmonic distortion, a measure of the distortion of an audio signal
  • Total Hi Def (Total HD), an optical disc format
  • Th.D. or D.Th. or D.Theol., a Doctor of Theology degree
  • THD Electronics, a guitar amplifier manufacturer
  • Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization, a surgical procedure
  • That Handsome Devil, an American alternative rock band

Usage examples of "thd".

Finally, pulling coverlets around her shoulders, Jahna staggered to thd window.

Vinnie remembered thd woman with the needle-and, instantly, the man with the gold ring.

He heaved a deep sigh of relief at the successful accomplishment of his mission, went into the hall, snatched up his cap from thd hat-stand, and took his leave.