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n. (plural of thaw English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: thaw)

Usage examples of "thaws".

They were smaller now, stunted by late spring frosts, midwinter thaws, and the black blight of snow mold.

A season of floods, frosts, and thaws had gone on to break the walls, and it hadn't been difficult at all to find a way in.

What with the winds and late thaws we've been having around here, he'll be lining his pockets with master's gold.

The thaws were well underway and soon Deymorin's whereabouts could no longer be explained away.

There's no time to lose, what with the spring thaws already well underway.

With ice, thaws, pack ice, and February storms it had severely battered the pier.

And if the snow thaws -- and thaw it will as sure as we're janitors -- it'll all flow into the cellars and the children will get the flu, and so will the grownups, like in '17.

Nrina thaws out a few guys at a time for samples, then mostly they get sent away when she’s through with them.

Nrina takes cell samples from each, then she thaws out the ones that look interesting.

Then after she checks the sample out, if your genes look interesting, she thaws you out and turns you over to me.

I've seen it, Alterra, and seen them return north again in the thaws when the forests are growing.

They were ready to fall under the push of the north wind, to lie under frost and snow for thousands of days and nights, to rot in the long, long thaws of Spring, to enrich with their vast death the earth where, very deep, very deeply sleeping, their seeds lay buried now.