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thatched roof

n. a house roof made with a plant material (as straw) [syn: thatch]

Usage examples of "thatched roof".

At this distance the thatched roof of Groote Schuur with its twirling barley-corn turrets looked like a fairy castle, but Rhodes looked beyond it.

The thatched roof had blackened with age but the thick adobe walls were whitewashed as bright as the foam that curled out on the green sea, and a wisp of smoke smeared towards her from the chimney.

The cottage was small, and the bougainvillaea had climbed up the pillars of the veranda and spread in brilliant, almost blinding display across the thatched roof.

Moonlight filtered in through the thatched roof and between the sticks which formed the sides of the hut.

The house was a fine one -- sixty feet long by twenty wide, with a lofty, newly thatched roof, and, instead of gables, semicircular ex* tensions at each end, giving the whole an oval shape.

Justen searched for the hovel, but could see only a thatched roof.

From its thatched roof flame and sparks towered into the night sky.

A thatched roof supported by wooden poles extended over three-quarters of the boat's length.

She was standing on the gunwale and holding onto the thatched roof of the shelter so she could see over the top of the reeds.

The hall was supported by twenty oak posts and had walls of plastered wattle and a thatched roof.

With so many willing hands to join in the work, it was less than a week before they vacated the wagon that for so long had been their home, and moved under a thatched roof between solid walls of sun-baked brick.

Eilan's bed, a wooden frame strung with rawhide and covered with skins and fine woolen blankets, was built up against the sloping thatched roof, so close that she could reach up and touch it.

Ever since he could climb Braefar had spent much of his free time sitting on the thatched roof of his house, high above the cares of the world.

It was a grim-looking building, fifty feet long, one storeyed, with shuttered windows and a thatched roof.