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vb. (alternative spelling of thass English)

Usage examples of "thas".

That she had been completely ensorceled by the Thas, who had stolen her for purposes of their own because she possessed in part some of the Talent of the Power, that I had known from the moment I had seen her with those deep-earth dwellers in my quest for her freedom.

It was during one such, at night, though our people encamped by a place of Light, that the Thas attacked us.

We dare not raid into the Thas burrows without greater protection than we have now.

Though the Lizard men were of the earth, even as those of the Green Valley, still they are not like the Thas, who hate the sun and are not at ease save in their deep burrows.

I could understand that this marked the passage of one of the Thas who had so scraped free a small portion of his body covering.

Rather they all faced toward a tall standing pillar which glistened in the light cast by stalks of lumpy growths half of the Thas held before them, as might worshippers hold candles at some shrines.

The Thas appeared to feel so safe in this hole of theirs that we had found no sentry.

Nor, to my complete surprise, did any Thas now advance out of the dark to make sure of me.

So the Thas had their sentries after all, such as I had never heard of.

If this captive was alive, if he was of the Light—then I could not leave him to the Thas again.

Uruk, stretched nearly flat, but with both hands clasped about the haft of his ax, stared down into the teeming life of the Thas village, and his expression was certainly not one of curiosity nor of peace, but of a cold and determined resolve.

To fight on the level of the Thas, when perhaps they had more surprises such as the root ropes, would be complete folly.

From his belt pouch, he scooped handfuls of powder which he hurled into the faces of those Thas who ringed us around.

He had been a prisoner of the Thas, set for what must have been generations of time (as we mortals knew it) within the heart of an ice pillar in one of their innermost caverns.

I have even been a god—to the Thas—if one can conceive of the Thas wishing a god to bow to.