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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tharms \Tharms\, n. pl. [AS. [thorn]earm a gut; akin to D. & G. darm, Icel. [thorn]armr, Sw. & Dan. tarm. [root]53.] Twisted guts. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]


n. (plural of tharm English)

Usage examples of "tharms".

And while Fraken had done this he had talked about the owls, the only birds that flew by night, the birds that waited to guide the tharms of dead hunters through the darkness towards the sky.

There the tharm of the hunter would join the other tharms among the stars.

The skies were clear, the new moon just a crescent of light, the tharms of warriors were bright above and would guide them on their way.

At the calm water and the stars that marched slowly across the sky, tharms of dead warriors in their nightly progression.

Perhaps because they were the tharms of hunters, therefore shone more brightly in the north, here where the hunters had died.

The moon had set and the stars stretched above her in an immense bowl, the River of the Tharms running across it from horizon to horizon.

All the other stars—they are the tharms of brave hunters who have died.