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pron. (context Scotland obsolete English) them


Thame is a market town and civil parish in Oxfordshire, about east of the city of Oxford and southwest of the Buckinghamshire town of Aylesbury. It derives its toponym from the River Thame which flows along the north side of the town. The parish includes the hamlet of Moreton south of the town. The 2011 Census recorded the parish's population as 11,561.

Thame was founded in the Anglo-Saxon era and was in the kingdom of Wessex.

Thame (hundred)

Usage examples of "thame".

The verderer, John of Milton, who came from the Milton hamlets in the east by Thame side, was all day absent on his own errands, and to Peter, as a cousin of the chief ranger, he behaved as a respectful servitor, sparing of speech but quick to execute his wishes.

Mith Burrage and Mith Bellwood, jutht the thame ath he hath the otherth.

The Assyse, all in ane voce, be the mouth of the said Thomas Galloway, chanceller, chosen be thame, ffand, pronouncet and declairit the said Robert Weir to be ffylit, culpable and convict of the crymes above specifiet, mentionat in the said Dittay.

On 25th October, 1828, William Edden, a market gardener, was found dead, with his ribs broken, in the road between Aylesbury and Thame.

It can be reached by paddling up the Thame, if you have a small boat.