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Ekth either, but Tham knew him on Earth, or of him, and he told him becauthe he vath a good friend of Ulyththeth Eth.

The Sector Subchief, old Vulthor Tham, confirmed him in charge at this Esaron Sector plantation, and assigned him a couple of detectives and a psychist.

Vulthor Tham excused themselves and walked over to the edge of the landing stage.

It would be hard and tricky work to penetrate the inner defenses of Tham Og Zalkri without being detected.

He hesitated one step from the wall for a moment, hoping Zhadnoboth knew what he was talking about and this time they would succeed in penetrating into Tham Og Zalkri.

Earthquakes, like the shudders of some enormous beast, shook Tham Og Zalkri and the lands surrounding it.

Duhai and Tham nodded and stepped out to reclaim their visitors while Sha hurried out the back door to her own home.

From old Thaggoran he had learned the names of all the ancient lost cities: Valirian, Thisthissima, Vengiboneeza, Tham, Mikkimord, Bannigard, Steenizale, Glorm.

I would have pined myself over Tham wedding Jakie until I talked myself into the convent.

For a thousand years, it had been common kenning among tham thegither.

Philip began with the siege of Rouen: the inhabitants were so inflamed with hatred to France, that on the appearance of his army, they fell on all the natives of that country whom they found within their walls, and put tham to death.

Vhere I come from, your nothe indicateth the thithe of your—vhat'th your vord for it, Tham?