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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thai \Thai\ (t[imac]), n. The language of Thailand (Siam); it is a member of the Tai group of languages.


Thai \Thai\ (t[imac]), a. Of or pertaining to the Thai language, a member of the Tai group of languages.

2. Of or pertaining to Thailand or its people.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1808, native name, Tai, literally "free."


When used as an adjective, Thai refers to anything that originates from Thailand. As a noun it may refer to:

  • Thai cuisine, the cuisine of Thailand
  • Thai language, a Tai-Kadai language spoken mainly in and around Thailand
  • Thai people, the dominant ethnic group of Thailand
  • Thai script, the writing system of Thai and various minority languages in Thailand
    • Thai (Unicode block), a block of Thai characters in Unicode
  • Thai, a month in the Tamil calendar
  • Thai, slang for cannabis mixed with tobacco, commonly smoked in a bong
  • Toe to Heel Air Injection, a method of extracting oil from oil sands
Thai (Unicode block)

Thai is a Unicode block containing characters for the Thai, Lanna Tai, and Pali languages. It is based on the Thai Industrial Standard 620-2533.

Usage examples of "thai".

Four months after he arrived at Bangkok, at the age of eight, he spoke fluent, accentless Thai.

Their aircraft, milling about north of Chiang Mai, stood out clearly on radar, and his scouts had reported Thai airmobile forces gathering several kilometers to the southeast.

The RTAF Hueys and the Marine helos on loan to the Thai airmobile forces lifted from the jungle clearing at almost the same moment that the American Hornets were hitting SAM sites at U Feng and along the Taeng River Valley.

CAG had said there would be no SAR flights off the Jefferson, that the Thais were insisting on handling the search for Batman and Malibu themselves.

Dixie reported that the Thai formation was still pursuing the fleeing bogies and was now approaching U Feng.

Group Commander Dao Zhu Qingtong saw the Thai staging area first, a broad clearing several miles ahead.

Once it succeeded but Erg Noor managed to catch hold of Eon Thai as he rolled past, dropped flat on his stomach and caught hold of a big boulder with his hooked gloves.

This time there were four instead of the three people awake on board: Erg Noor and Pour Hyss, whose tour of duty it was, were joined by Louma Lasvy and Eon Thai.

There was a common factor, and it tied Hsiao in with both the communist rebellion and the Thai military coup.

Thai pilots get cut to pieces by whatever it was that Hsiao had waiting for them up there.

From Burma, Hsiao could retain control of his forces whatever happened, and the American prisoners would give him considerable bargaining power, both with the Thais and the Burmese.

When Michael David off returned from work, with several bags of odiferous Thai take-out, I had been asleep all afternoon, and he had been awake for almost two days.

One of countless spirits from Thai mythology, the Phi Song Nang is basically identical to the Pontianak of Indonesia and Malaysia, it attacks young men mostly.

She took him by train to the town of Sisophon near the Thai border, and from there they were taken by Land Rover on a two-hour journey during which Tran Quock Cong was blindfolded.

A Thai restaurant faced a Columbian coffee shop, which was flanked by a franchise burger place, which overpowered a minuscule West Indian roti shop, which, despite the competition, was jammed full of customers.