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Thag might mean

  • Thag – the source of the word thug in English
  • Thag – the name for the strings of a dramyin – a Himalayan lute
  • Bir Bahadur Thagunna, a Nepalese politician
  • Thagoona, Queensland, a suburb of a city in Australia
  • Thagoona railway station, Queensland, a railway station in Australia
  • Thagomizer, an arrangement of spikes on dinosaurs tails
  • 95939 Thagnesland, a Main-belt Asteroid
  • Thagirion, Judaism mystical teaching
  • Thage G. Peterson, a Swedish politician
  • Thage Brauer, a Swedish athlete
  • Alypius of Thagaste, a Catholic church bishop
  • Norman Thagard, a former NASA astronaut.
  • Paul R. Thagard, a Professor of Philosophy
  • Thagapansamy, an India movie

Usage examples of "thag".

For the first time Thag knew rebellion in his very clutches, and the ecstasy of that music which had dinned in Smith's ears so strongly that by now it seemed almost silence was swooping down a long are into wrath, and the branches tightened with hot insistency, lifting the rebellious offering into Thag's monstrous, indescribable bulk.