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Thad is a masculine given name, often a short form ( hypocorism) of Thaddeus. It may refer to:

  • William Thad Cochran (born 1937), United States Senator for Mississippi
  • Thaddeus Thad Jones (1923–1986), American jazz trumpeter and bandleader
  • Thaddeus Thad Lewis (born 1987), an American football quarterback for the Houston Texans.
  • Thaddeus Thad Luckinbill, American actor on the soap opera The Young and the Restless
  • Thad Matta (born 1967), American longtime Ohio State University men's basketball head coach

Category:Masculine given names

Usage examples of "thad".

Lark stayed on at the window after Ace and Thad disappeared into the bunkhouse.

Where Xing, Thad and the Arachnos had been, there hovered a group of small things, each like a cross between a scimitar and a wasp.

Callie arrived back at the house simultaneously with Thad Shames, who climbed out of the back of a limo and tossed two briefcases to Juanito.

Thad Shames would have the girl of his dreams, and everybody could get on with the business of living happily ever after.

Thad Shames leave the house and walk through the gardens toward the yacht.

Good cases never came his way at Homicide: Thad Green bootjacked them, assigned different men.

But I very badly want to know what you mean when you say Thad Beaumont didn't have a brain tumor in 'the usually accepted sense of the term'.

I laid Dagny down on one of the inner bunks, and Thad quickly switched on the heat-dry unit.

He had stripped off the gloves and she could see a heavy gauze bandage across it, exactly where Thad was wearing a bandage over the back of his left hand.

Apparently when Stark did type, he did it the same way Thad himself did - hunt and peck.

It caught the eye regardless, because some layout man with an eye for the unusual had bordered the picture, which showed Thad and Liz in a graveyard, in black.

But when Thad advised he'd take no lynchers on his boat, the men decided they'd see justice done in court.

The Metalifed Colt Government MkIV Series 70, the Thad Rybka small of the back holster with the two-inch Colt Lawman MkIII, the musette bag which carried extra magazines for the CAR-15 and M-16 and an identical bag carrying extra magazines for the Detonics pistols and for the Colt, these latter working in the Detonics pistols as well.

Thad is going to help me - he's going to prime the pump, you might say.

He found the two-inch Lawman in the Thad Rybka holster in the small of his back, the Lawman in his right fist, both revolvers firing.