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pron. (context Northern England English) (eye dialect of thou English)


Tha or THA may refer to:

  • Tha language, an Adamawa language of Nigeria
  • Temporary Housing Area
  • Thailand
  • Thai Airways International
  • Thai language
  • The Human Abstract, an American metalcore band
  • Tobago House of Assembly, a local governing body in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Thailand Standard Time, see time in Thailand
  • Total hip arthroplasty, commonly known as a hip replacement
  • Transvaal Horse Artillery
  • Tha (Javanese) (ꦛ), a letter in the Javanese script
  • A song by Aphex Twin from his album Selected Ambient Works 85–92.
  • Those Handsome Animals, a British alternative band
Tha (Javanese)

is one of syllable in Javanese script that represent the sound /ʈɔ/, /ʈa/. It is transliterated to Latin as "tha", and sometimes in Indonesian orthography as "tho". It has another form (pasangan), which is , but represented by a single Unicode code point, U+A99B.

Usage examples of "tha".

Charlie yonder zaid, zomebody war heare what tha spell could taeke hoald on in tha right way.

An then tha must ha known,-- Shoo thowt it time at shoo possest A nice hooam ov her own.

Billy, may be We shall find summat else by an by, An if net, tha mun share thease wi me When we get to some spot where its dry.

As tha nears a breeter land: Tho thi rooad is hard to climb, Be content, an bide thi time.

An tha grumels at hooam if we chonce to be thrang, When tha comes throo thi wark of a neet.

To mak thi what tha art, An dooant forget tha owes a debt, An strive to pay a part.

tha wod roor, aw think, if tha dar-- What means ta bi shakin thi heead?

But tha maks a poor fist when tha offers to sing, An tha plays some detestable pranks.

Then a fresh egg for braikfast tha nivver need lack, When thi fancy to sich a thing tends.

I knaah the ones just before tha wake are most pleasant to thee, having myself by then been long awake, from reluctance to re-visit the Horrors of my own, and so able to observe thee.

I wonder if maybe tha fiends in hell be just too proud to take tha love A offers.

Well, my general thereon had a cooper in Tunis maeke him tha bell, which be another new-fangled invention.

Hast owt to say as to what we should do, or are tha just going to bellock?

And after the first son, tha canst name the others as tha wilt, with Elf-Names.

We can ransom them, and tha canst have it all, to make up for thy man.