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contraction 1 (context colloquial poetic English) the 2 (context colloquial English) there

Usage examples of "th'".

Whin Tiddy was blowed up in th' harbor iv Havana he instantly con-cluded they must be war.

Spanish throops was dhrawn up in a long line in th' formation known among military men as a long line.

Why anny servant shud rayfuse to live in th' counthry is more thin I can see.

R-rest here, as ye might r-rest at th' hearth iv millyons iv people that cud give ye no house but their own!

Christyan Unity Five-Cint See-gar is made out iv th' finest grades iv excelsior iver projooced in Kansas!

Kentucky was as peaceful, Hinnissy, as th' rayports iv a bloody battle in South Africa.

Agynaldoo is r-run up a three in th' outermost corner iv Hoar County, state iv Luzon.

New York, where ye can see half th' state iv Ioway near anny night, they tell me.

Hinnissy, th' raison I niver got marrid was I niver cud pick a choice.

I care not who makes th' laws iv a nation if I can get out an injunction.

What I like about Kipling is that his pomes is right off th' bat, like me con-versations with you, me boy.

If ye iver see a bear that looks like a man, shoot him on th' spot, or, betther still, r-run up an alley.

Lastewise, it is me opinion iv it, though th' docthor said I swallowed a bug.

No, faith, but th' fist iv a Kerry polisman they put on this here bate last week.

County Watherford is all stirred up because Johnny Powers is filled th' pipe-ya-ard with his own rilitives.