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TGN is an abbreviation which can mean

  • Thai Global Network - a Thai satellite television channel
  • Tyco Global Network - a set of mostly international submarine communications cable systems laid by Tyco Submarine Systems (formerly part of AT&T - AT&T SSI) and operated by Tyco Telecommunications, part of Tyco International. Tyco Telecommunications was subsequently acquired by VSNL. The cable systems are/were VSNL Northern Europe, VSNL Western Europe, VSNL Transatlantic, and VSNL Transpacific.
  • The Generations Network, operator of, and other family history and family connection websites. Formerly ", Inc."
  • Trans Golgi network - a part of the golgi apparatus in cells.
  • 'Task Group N', originally the 'High Throughput Study Group' tasked with developing the wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11n
  • Protein Thyroglobulin
  • Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - controlled vocabulary of geographic places maintained by the Getty Vocabulary Program
  • TGN1412, a drug that failed in clinical trials on humans

TGN is also the base callsign of Radio Cultural in Guatemala.


TGN is a class A A.M. radio station operating in Guatemala City, Guatemala. It transmits with a power of 10,000 watts on 730 kHz. It airs religious programming to Guatemala.

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