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Télévision française de l'Ontario (TFO) is a Canadian publicly funded French language educational television station and media organization serving the province of Ontario. It is owned by the Ontario French-language Educational Communications Authority (OTÉLFO), a crown corporation owned by the Government of Ontario and operating as GroupeMédia TFO. It is one of the few French-language broadcasters in Canada that is headquartered outside of Quebec. The network airs cultural programming, including blocks of French-language children's programs, along with original series, documentaries, and films.

The network was first established in 1985 as La Chaîne Française, a spin-off of the provincial English-language public broadcaster TVOntario, later re-branding as TFO in 1995. The network operated under the auspices of TVO until 2007, when it was spun off into an autonomous agency.

TFO is available on cable throughout Ontario; all cable systems in the province are required to carry it on their basic tier. TFO is also carried nationally on the Bell TV and Shaw Direct satellite television services. The network previously broadcast over-the-air in some communities in Eastern and Northern Ontario with significant Franco-Ontarian populations; these transmitters ceased operations in 2012.

TFO (disambiguation)

TFO is a Canadian public television station.

TFO may also refer to:

  • Tandem Free Operation, in mobile telephony
  • TCP Fast Open, in computer networking
  • Tefaro language, by ISO 639-3 language code