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The initials TFH can refer to the following:

  • TFH Publications, an American publisher specialising in books on pets
  • The Flat Hat, student newspaper at the College of William & Mary
  • Tin-foil hat, an item of headgear
  • Tropical Fish Hobbyist, a fishkeeping magazine
  • Follicular B Helper T cells (T), an immune cell that provides a helper function to B cells.
  • A widely used acronym for US District Court Judge Thomas F. Hogan
  • TFH Special Needs Toys (formerly Toys For the Handicapped), a specialist toy company
  • Touch For Health, a complementary therapy, related to Applied kinesiology
  • Tung Fat Ho, a Hong Kong Building Material Supplier specialize on Architecture Builders' hardware/ Ironmongery with history go back from 1950
  • TFH Two Flying Herring's, a Finnish fishing trade mark