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nickname for a Texan, by 1903, from Texas.


n. A milligram per meter, a unit of linear mass density for thread or fiber.


Tex may refer to:

Tex (novel)

'Tex 'is a novel by S. E. Hinton, published in 1979. It was adapted to the film in 1982, which starred Matt Dillon. The book (like Rumble Fish and That Was Then, This Is Now) takes place in the same universe as Hinton's first book The Outsiders, but in a rural town called Garyville, Oklahoma, a fictional suburb of Tulsa.

Tex and his older brother Mason live by themselves while their father tours the rodeo circuit. Tex is blissfully happy with his life. He likes the simple things and taking it easy. Mason on the other hand must step into a parental role when their father is gone for five months touring rodeos. Their mother is dead, so it is just the two of them fighting to meet their financial obligations. These boys' lives are slowly being disrupted.

Tex (film)

Tex is a 1982 American drama film directed by Tim Hunter (his first film as a director) and written by Charles S. Haas, based on the novel of the same name by S. E. Hinton. Matt Dillon and Jim Metzler play brothers who struggle after their mother dies and their father walks out on them.

Tex (name)

Tex is a nickname, usually for someone from the U.S. state of Texas. Notable people with the nickname include:

  • Robert Allen (actor) (1906-1998), American film actor
  • Tex Austin (1886-1938), American rodeo promoter
  • Tex Avery (1908–1980), American animator, cartoonist, and director, famous for producing animated cartoons
  • Tex Banwell (1917-1999), British Second World War soldier and decoy for General Bernard Montgomery
  • Tex Beneke (1914–2000), American saxophonist, singer, and bandleader
  • Tex Brashear (born 1955), American voice actor, previously in radio
  • Tex Carleton (1906-1977), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Tex Clevenger (born 1932), American retired Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Randall "Tex" Cobb (born 1950), American boxer and actor
  • Tex Coulter (1924-2007), American National Football League lineman
  • Tex Erwin (1885-1963), American Major League Baseball catcher
  • David Lee "Tex" Hill (1915-2007), American World War II flying ace and brigadier general
  • Tex Hughson (1916-1993), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Tex Irvin (1906–1978), American football player
  • Tex Jeanes (1900-1973), American Major League Baseball player
  • Tex Maule (1915-1981), longtime lead American football writer for Sports Illustrated magazine
  • Tex McDonald (1891-1943), America Major League Baseball player
  • Tex Perkins (born 1964), Australian rock musician
  • Tex Rickard (1870-1929), American boxing promoter, founder of the New York Rangers hockey team and builder of the third incarnation of Madison Square Garden
  • Tex Ritter (1905–1974), American country singer and actor
  • Tex Schramm (1920–2003), original president and general manager of the U.S. National Football League's Dallas Cowboys franchise
  • Tex Shirley (1918-1993), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Mark Teixeira (born 1980), Major League Baseball player
  • Tex Watson (born 1945), American murderer and former member of the Manson Family
  • Tex Williams (1917–1985), American country musician
  • Tex Winter (born 1922), American basketball coach, innovator of the triangle offense
  • Tex Wisterzil (1888-1964), American Major League Baseball player

Usage examples of "tex".

By the time we got to Yona, little Bunkie, the small German Shepherd handled by Art Spielman and Tex Harper, exhibited all of the symptoms of heartworm infestation.

Steptoes clambered onto the pier and grabbed hold of Tex and the selectmen.

Williard took his usual nap after chow, then rounded up Tex, Heavy and Junkman for the trip to Long Binh.

In contrast to what she had told Virginia Graham and Ronnie Howard, Susan now claimed that she had held Sharon while Tex stabbed her.

Horst men seized Ham Brooks and drawly old Tex Haven, flung them into the dinghies, and rowed back down the mangrove creek.

Ram, Raja, Wazir, Mother, Diamond, Shanker, Crown, Max, Hondo, Highness, Lillie Mol, Leo and Tex.

Strapping on his autopistol and several waterproof ammo pouches, he nodded to Rock, Sun Ra, and Tex.

Tony Nwangi and Tex Watson and the other prorectors specializing in little kids.

I will have to call Buchanan tomorrow and ask him what he thinks about Tex Colson now.

Part of her unique stage shtick, her comedic ID, was to present herself as a true Southwest chick, a sand-sucking cactuskicker who ate a bowl of jalapeno peppers every morning for breakfast, who hung out in country-music bars with guys named Tex and Dusty, who was a full sun-ripened woman but also tough enough to grab a rattlesnake if it dared to hiss at her, crack it like a whip, and snap its brains out through its eye sockets.

Tex Goldman mob, he had done very little more than could have been done by any detective with an original turn of mind and an equal freedom from responsibility to the stolidly unimaginative Powers who draw princely salaries for encumbering with red tape and ballyhoo the perfectly simple process of locating ungodliness and smacking it on the nose.

And though Tex Watson's overall handle on Cold-Containment DT-annulation is shaky, his lay-physics survey of combustion and annulation has some sort of academic validity to it, especially because he some terms gets Pemulis to guest-lecture when he and Pemulis are in a period of detente.

His name was Tex Ewalt and he cordially hated all of the Bar-20 outfit and Hopalong in particular.

And now Tex was returning, not to Muddy Wells, but to the range where the Bar-20 outfit held sway.

Much to the concern of the SUB, Tex was massively armed at all times, on the theory that you never knew when degens might come and shoot up the clinic looking for purer highs.