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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tetty \Tet"ty\, a. Testy; irritable. [Obs.]


a. (context obsolete English) testy; irritable

Usage examples of "tetty".

He thought of dear, dead Tetty and how he had berated her for the same indulgent practice.

Desmoulins felt impatience, Tetty having been gone a good ten years, but held her tongue and endured.

When Tetty caught up with him he had seen the shimmer of tears on her sun-dappled cheeks.

I have heard, called once at the house in Gough Square and ran away before Tetty could be fetched downstairs .

Time was, when she had been companion to Tetty in Hampstead, in those lodgings in Church Row to which he came infrequently, he had looked upon her differently.

Tell him I am unwell, Tetty had urged, when word was sent that he would come.

She had done as she was bidden, leaving Tetty giddy from laudanum, the expression on her face disordered, her nightcap askew.

Johnson, whom he used to name by the familiar appellation of Tetty or Tetsey, which, like Betty or Betsey, is provincially used as a contraction for Elisabeth, her christian name, but which to us seems ludicrous, when applied to a woman of her age and appearance.

I hope they intenerate my heart, and that when I die like my Tetty, this affection will be acknowledged in a happy interview, and that in the mean time I am incited by it to piety.

Perhaps because I was not myself that morning it had been on the tip of my tongue to suggest beef and tetty pasties with pickled samphire for our supper.