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Livingstone was explaining to the rescued negroes that they might either return to their homes, go to Tette, or remain under English protection, while they expressed their joy and gratitude by a slow clapping of the hands.

The party were in the country of the Man-gnaja, a tribe of negroes who were continually harried by the fiercer and more powerful neighbour-tribe of Ajawa, great slave-catchers, who supplied the slave-hunters who came out from Tette to collect their human droves.

Sino alla fine dei suoi giorni, avrebbe ricordato la vista delle ragazze che rie­mergevano dagli abissi dove era sicuro che fossero annegate, sospinte dai loro sforzi, o da una pressione subacquea, a riaffiorare con un tale impeto, che aveva visto le loro tette sob­balzare.