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TESO (Austrian hacker group)

TESO was a hacker group, which originated in Austria. It was active from 1998 to 2004, and during its peak around 2000, it was responsible for a significant share of the exploits on the bugtraq mailing list.


Teso or TESO may refer to:


Têso or Teso is a Portuguese hamlet located in the parish of Estela, Póvoa de Varzim.

Category:Parishes of Póvoa de Varzim

Usage examples of "teso".

In the east was the escarpment, then the wide valley, then the high ridge which smelt of thyme and lavender and was pretty with cabbage white butterflies, and then the small valley, and then the Teso San Miguel with Arapiles at its foot, and beyond the village and the small hill the plain stretched to the west.

The plain, which was pale with ripening wheat, was like a great sea that lapped against the escarpment, ridge and Teso San Miguel, and in the sea were two strange islands.

They came from both sides of the Teso San Miguel and they drove southwards, aiming at the hinge of the French line, its centre, dominated by the Greater Arapile.

He saw infantry spread out from the small valley between the ridge and the Teso San Miguel and march past the village.

Some men climbed the lower slopes of the Lesser Arapile, some the slopes of the Teso San Miguel, while some took refuge in the village.

Grenadier Company hard against the Teso San Miguel and acting as a hinge.

Shan asked Dreibrand to accompany him, and Taischek assigned two warriors, Teso and Iley, to the team.

He scrambled on terrified feet, almost eluding the intruders, but Teso hurled his war club with lethal skill.