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Despite appearances, Terrie was a wary person, well aware of how easily she could be hurt, how weak she was physically.

How many times had he fucked her as Terrie lay aroused, dreaming of his touch.

He took in the black dress, the heels, and Terrie watched in fascination as sensuality filled his expression.

He looked ready to fuck, and Terrie was suddenly more nervous than she could ever remember being in her life.

His lips came down on hers in a kiss that sizzled Terrie from her head to her toes.

This was where Terrie slept most of her nights away, curled beneath a light blanket, staring up at the skylight above her.

Had known his brother possessed a cold, cruel side, but he had never suspected the habitual threats he had nearly destroyed Terrie with.

Through the long, sleepless night he had come to several decisions where Terrie was concerned.

By the way, he thinks you’re evil,” Terrie informed her as she closed the door and led the way into the living room.

Her amusement and general outlook on life never failed to keep Terrie laughing.

Her fingernails tapped out a fierce little rhythm on the arms of the chair as she watched Terrie closely.

He glanced from Terrie, back to Tally, then moved carefully from behind the desk.

He’d had a feeling, years ago, that Terrie could more than match his desires, but he’d be damned if he ever expected this.

Just a few inches shorter than Terrie, her skin a dark contrast to Terrie’s creamy flesh.

God only knew when Tally finally left, because from the minute he gained his freedom Jesse had flipped Terrie on her back, his cock thrusting hard and fast inside her, and he hadn’t stopped for hours.