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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Rhodesian slang abbreviation of terrorist, 1976, used in reference to guerrilla fighting against white minority government.


n. ''(Rhodesian slang, originally military)'' A terrorist; a nationalist guerrilla


Terr or TERR may refer to:

  • Abbreviation for territory (subdivision)
  • TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R, a runtime engine for the R programming language developed by TIBCO Software

People with the surname Terr include:

  • Lenore Terr (born 1936), American psychiatrist

Usage examples of "terr".

Sarah Smith, Kelly Link, Justine Larbalestier, Terri Windling, Anne Hudson, Paula Kate Marmor, Eve Sweetser, Alex Madonik, Shweta Narayan, Elizabeth Wein, and Deborah Manning.

Terri Stambaugh, my friend and the owner of the Grille, to suggest that a statue of Gandhi should be modeled after Brad Pitt in the hope that he would then attend the ceremony, which would be a big deal by Pico Mundo standards.

I went into the kitchen to call Terri Stambaugh at the Pico Mundo Grille, Elvis was sitting at the table, weeping.

Driving away, Terri resolved to do the one thing which, out of pity for the Sens, she had left undone.

The defendants were the city of Ada, Pontotoc County, Bill Peterson, Dennis Smith, John Christian, Mike Tenney, Glen Gore, Terri Holland, James Harjo, the state of Oklahoma, the OSBI, OSBI employees Gary Rogers, Rusty Featherstone, Melvin Hett, Jerry Peters, and Larry Mullins, and the Department of Corrections officials Gary Maynard, Dan Reynolds, James Saffle, and Larry Fields.

And thanks to my new writing friends, the Hudson Valley RWA women, who provided much help and encouragement: Terri Hall, Kathy Attalla, Renee Simons, Karen Drogin, Claire Ruane, Bette LaGow, Blair Lavey, Liz Matis, Jeannie Miraglia, Janet Walters, Paula Keller, Elaine Lindenblatt, Grace Bizzarro, Georgia Carey, Nancy Hajeski, Karen Larsen, Helen Grishman, Jennifer Probst, Mildred Lubke, Sunny Hogg.

I went to the Panamint, I figured that eventually I would return to work for Terri Stambaugh.

Before I went to the Panamint, I figured that eventually I would return to work for Terri Stambaugh.

I said, and the Ridgeback let go of the terr and obediently sat before me, fixing its flat stare on my throat.

Thanks especially, though, to group members Terri Patterson and Mike Stewart, who commented on various sections of the text, and to four people who are too often invisible supports but without whose constant and committed backup it would be impossible for us to maintain a laboratory, rear animals, run experiments or manage people, grants, budgets and the multifarious activities of a university department.

Later, as he broods on the injustice of life and death, Simon inadverTO GREEN ANGEL TOWER XIX tently awakens the Sitha mirror Jiriki had given him as a summoning charm, and travels on the Dream Road to en counter first the Sitha matriarch Amerasu, then the terri ble Nom Queen Utuk'ku.

In fact now that he was getting the help he needed - and especially now that he had gone, as it were, on to Garrisons payroll - he had started to think of Terri as something more than merely a sprat to catch a mackerel.

Terr brought that same incredible focus to bear on everyone she met as well-or at least those who interested her-understanding, absorbing, taking everything in.

He was looking up at Terri, perilously extended from the boom out over the edge of the hill.

Characteristically, Terr was with a group of gaudy fashion victims.