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Terme (formerly spelled Termeh; Ancient greek: Thèrmae, Θέρμαι) is a town, the headquarters of Terme District, Samsun Province, Turkey; both are named after the Terme River. Scholars have identified Terme or its environs as the site of the ancient city of Themiscyra, Θεμίσκυρα.

Terme District is the site of an annual festival celebrating the Amazons, an ancient nation of all-female warriors who are believed to have lived in the Samsun region.

Terme (disambiguation)

Terme may refer to:

  • Terme, a town in Turkey
  • Terme District, a district in Turkey
  • Terme River, a river in Turkey
  • Gökçeören, a village in Turkey formerly called Terme
  • Terme section of Chianciano Terme, Italy