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Teres dizzily, wondering that so human a sound could ring in this alien city.

Buckley child, her pronator teres was definitely out of commission, and right thankful she was, too, that it had lost its agonizing sensitivity.

Fuck up your pronator teres and surrounding tendons before you even start.

Teres smiled mischievously and began to hum disjointedly a scurrilous ballad popular among the troops, freely translating bits of verse to suit her spirit.

Teres filled the craft as he and Larus went through the preflight check.

Awed by the forces she had unchained, Teres dashed after him, oblivious to the few batrachians who watched in fear.

A tentacle lashed out at Teres as she struggled with the crawling hands that ensnared her legs.

Teres cursed her momentary lapse--battle fatigue was dulling her thoughts--and lopped off the extended sword arm.

Teres was given the dubious honor of attending Dribeck's victory feast.

Calculating the throw with assumed nonchalance, Teres shrugged tension from well-trained muscle and raised the knife.

But Teres had fumbled the release, and the knife struck the circle hilt first, its impact dislodging Malchion’s weapon.

Watch the temper, Teres, and next time don’t forget whose hands taught you to throw a knife, nor try again to match keenness of eye and head for drink with the old master!

She was a strange creature, Teres, who had devoted most of her 25 years to denying her femininity, and with startling success.

Was Teres serious about bedding the wench, or was she only sincere in baiting her father?

So Teres is his son—and since a woman has never really made it as a ruler among the clans of Wollendan, Malchion has spared no pains to mold his daughter into warrior lord.