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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. (context medicine English) a grossly malformed fetus

  1. n. (medicine) a grossly malformed and usually nonviable fetus [syn: monster]

  2. [also: terata (pl)]


Téras is the sixth studio album by Swedish black metal band Naglfar. It was released on 26 March 2012 through Century Media Records. It is their first album in five years, and their first album as a trio.

Usage examples of "teras".

Shyren looked at Teras as the lancer captain reined up behind the two mages.

Somewhere near the middle of the column, by the second white and crimson banner, rode Teras, the other captain.

You two and Teras will care for the heavy wagons and the extra provisions.

The younger mage cast his chaos senses ahead, but he could find nothing he would not have expected and no sign of other riders, except for Captain Teras and the twenty-odd-score lancers and the wagons.

From where he had drawn his mount up next to Cerryl Teras nodded acknowledgment.

The murmurs from the lancers who rode behind Teras drifted up to Cerryl over the dust-muffled sound of hoofs.

Fydel and Teras kept riding downhill toward the meadows and the cattle that grazed there.

Captain Teras inclined his head to Cerryl, then gestured over his shoulder.

Cerryl waited until the big lancer hung his riding jacket on one of the pegs in the foyer, then turned and walked back to the study, sitting at one of the chairs beside the conference table He gestured for Teras to sit down as the captain passed through the archway from the sitting room.

Cerryl understood, again, why Teras remained a cap-tain and would always remain a captain.

If large blue lancer forces are present, he is to call up the full lancer forces under Captain Teras and under Gallosian overcaptain Grestalk.

Cerryl forced his senses onto the road, even as Teras sent forth a line of Gallosian cavalry to pursue the blues, who swung around the curve in the road that brought it more eastward.

They joined Hiser and Teras by the cook fire, where Cerryl took a joint that was hot and dripping.

Lyasa, Riser, Teras, and Suzdyal about the necessity of the precaution.

After the two mages had left, Cerryl eased open the first scroll, glad that Teras or Hiser had made sure it came directly to him.