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n. 1 A unit of measurement based on one trillion hertz. 2 One trillion hertz, 1012 Hz.


n. one trillion periods per second [syn: THz]


Usage examples of "terahertz".

But if I take terahertz pictures of the trees and the hills and everything else, the chemical compounds appear as visual data.

We could search the whole electromagnetic spectrum, darn nearly, and hear everything from a tenth of a hertz up to a few terahertz, but we tried not to broadcast anything on our own.

Nobody knows why Curious Yellow did this—one theory is that it is a report for CY’s creators—but I have watched the terahertz radar map of the security wasps eating my family and my children so many times that it is burned into my mind.

Hyperconducting terahertz cables, thick as a tree trunk, linking a human original to the distant lump of clay she plans to animate?