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Etymology 1 n. bull Etymology 2

vb. to dry, dry off

Ter (river)

The Ter is a river in Catalonia (northeastern of the Iberian Peninsula) that rises in Ulldeter at an approximate elevation of , at the foot of a glacial cirque delimited by the nearby peaks of el Bastiments, el Gra de Fajol, or el Pic de la Dona. It runs through the comarques of Ripollès, Osona, Selva, Gironès, and Baix Empordà, discharging into the Mediterranean Sea at l'Estartit.

The Ter follows a course of and drains an area of approximately ; its basin is described by a dendritic and exorheic drainage pattern. Annually, an average of of water is moved by the river, with an average flow rate of at its mouth. Although its headwaters are in the Pyrenees, the Ter receives significant inflow from rivers in the middle and lower plains. Thus it is susceptible to flooding in both the spring and the autumn.


Ter, TER, or pter may refer to:

Ter (department)

Ter was a department of the First French Empire in present-day Spain, named after the river Ter. It was created on 26 January 1812 when Catalonia was annexed by the French Empire. Its subprefectures were Vic and Figueres. Its prefecture was Girona; the only prefect was Prudence-Guillaume de Roujoux, from February 1812 to 1813.

In March 1813 it was merged with the department of Sègre into the department of Ter-et-Sègre. This merger was established by decree but never published in the Bulletin des lois, nor endorsed by any senatorial decree, leaving its legal status uncertain.

In 1814 the French left the Iberian Peninsula, having occupied it since 1807. The departments disappeared.

Ter (Armenian hereditary honorific)

Ter ( Eastern Armenian) or Der ( Western Armenian) (literally "Lord"), is a hereditary honorific prefixed to family names of descendants of married clergy in the Armenian Apostolic Church. The first president of the modern Republic of Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan is a notable example. Both male and female descendants are entitled to the honorific which can be used only before the surname and not the Christian (first) names, since use of Ter or Der before the Christian name would denote a member of the clergy and is equivalent to "Reverend" or "Father" in English usage.


Usage examples of "ter".

Feliz por ter falado com meu amigo e por saber que o veria logo, fui para o pomar.

Morele verontwaardiging over het seksleven van de auteurs is niet ter zake doend.

Aquele carro podia, em lugar de bater no barranco, ter batido no nosso.

The Indians came up on either side of Cissy, and their mounts shied as well, ter- rified, eyes rolling back in their heads.

Hit keep on dis a-way, twel bimeby Brer Rabbit know sumpin er udder bleedz ter be done.

Brer Rabbit say dis, Brer Fox en Brer Wolf flung back der heads en laff fit ter kill.

Teri Walker arrived, Farger gave Remo the list of names, sent one of the girls to get Mac Polaney, and closeted himself with Teri to discuss the campaign, which now had only six days left to run.

Brer Fox, he fotch a dip-net, en Brer Tarrypin not ter be outdone, he fotch de bait.

Its capacity was most meaningfully expressed not in giga-, tera-, peta-, exa-, or even zettabytes, but in yottabytes, or sextillions of bytes.

Dem Klux wud cotch er nigger dat dey want en pin he haid down ter de groun wid er forked stick en one wud hold him whilst de others whip im wid er strop er a lash.

He was Curate of Ter Heyne, and a special friend to our House, and out of his devotion he chose to be buried with our Brothers, so he was laid in the easTern cloisTer in the same grave with Hermann GruTer the Priest.

Agnes the Virgin, two Clerks were invested, namely, Everard ter Huet of Zwolle and James Spenghe of Utrecht.

Ambrose, which fell on the Sunday after Easter, died Brother Everard ter Huet, a native of Zwolle, and Prior at Bergum, where for ten years and more he had ruled the Brothers in laudable wise.

Dey jowered en jowered, en bimeby, dey hatter leave it all ter Brer Rabbit.

Elsa and Mrs Ter Laan had gone to a party, to which neither he nor Sophia had been invited.