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Tepeji (officially: Tepeji del Río de Ocampo) is a city and one of the 84 municipalities of Hidalgo, in central-eastern Mexico. The municipality covers an area of 393.4 km².

Tepeji del Rio has many industrial complexes with companies such as Procter and Gamble, Kaltex, Arteche, Zaga, PPG, Pilgrims Pride etc. An investment group has constructed a golf course at nearby Lake Requena with associated residential areas. There is also a plaza which has a supermarket, a gas station, a movie theater, and other shops.

As of 2010 census, the municipality had a total population of 80,612. As it's being urbanized continuously, Tepeji del Rio is about to be included in Mexico City Metro Area.

It is currently being governed by President Fernando Miranda.