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n. (plural of tenement English)

Tenements (of the Anointed Flesh)

Tenements (of the Anointed Flesh) is the fourth and final studio album by British industrial black metal band The Axis of Perdition. It was released on May 2nd, 2011, on Code666 Records. Dan "Storm" Mullins could not play drums on this album due to a broken arm so drums were programmed.

Usage examples of "tenements".

It is not for us, who tell only what happened, to solve these mysteries of the seeming admission of unhoused souls into the fleshly tenements belonging to air-breathing personalities.

I have had frequent opportunities of observing that it is held, especially by the inferior class of copyholders, as sacred, and that they would, on no consideration, divert their tenements out of the customary order of inheritance.

That all the copyholds and customary messuages, lands, and tenements within the said manor are, and have been time out of mind, copyholds of inheritance, demised and demisable to the copyholders or customary tenants thereof, and their heirs in fee simple by copy of Court Roll, according to the custom of the said manor.

The huge arch fifty paces to his left had just taken a hit on one corner of the pedestal, spraying broken masonry and burning pitch onto the cobbles and onto the rooftops of the scatter of tenements beside it.

Shoreditch, for she had been describing a foul slum of wretched tenements, reeking with disagreeable odors and inhabited by shoplifters, thieves and ruffians of the lowest type.

The construction site was framed by forlorn tenements that winked back at them through empty windows.

Old manufacturing buildings, warehouses, and decrepit tenements lined the street.

The street had improved a bit in recent years, but there was still a superfluity of beaten-down tenements among the head shops, wheat-grass bars, and used-record vendors.

Leng had stopped hiding the bodies and was simply leaving them in tenements in widely scattered sections of the city.

I continued along the narrow, serpentine, cobbled street past crumbling tenements and rotting heaps of stinking refuse alive with scurrying rats and other vermin.

Violence belongs in damp city alleys and shabby tenements and sordid little bars.

Several tenements seem to have been there, those in the valley being called Long Moor and Pot Kiln.

That the customary tenements within the said manor do descend, and ought to descend, as tenements of the tenure, and in the nature of Borough-English, not only to the youngest son or youngest daughter, and for default of such issue of such customary tenant to the youngest brother or youngest sister, but also, for default of such brother and sister of such customary tenant, to the next kinsman or kinswoman of the whole blood of the customary tenant in possession, how far so ever remote.

Wood, Pit Down, and Merdon Down, for all their commonable cattle, levant and couchant, upon their respective copyhold tenements, within the said manor.

That any tenant seized of any estate of inheritance in any of the customary tenements of the said manor, may cut down timber trees or other trees, standing or growing in or upon one of his customary tenements, to repair any other of his customary tenements, within the said manor.