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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tendresse \Ten*dresse"\, n. [F.] Tender feeling; fondness. [Obs., except as a French word]

Usage examples of "tendresse".

Apres avoir ecoute la voix de la raison, Corysandre, qui ignorait que vous aviez charge un agent de la decouvrir, a ecoute celle de la tendresse.

Tu cours en amour comme un chien fou, tu te cognes partout, tu exiges, tu pleures, tu mords, mais tu es si bon que me viennent des larmes de tendresse et de fierté, quand je te vois cherchant ainsi le bien.

Of the desire of a young man for a young woman, as well as of the reverse instance, I am not now speaking, for of such tendresses I am wary, seeing that I have been too unhappy in my life to have been able ever to see in such affection a single spark of truth, but rather a lying pretence in which sensuality, connubial relations, money, and the wish to bind hands or to unloose them have rendered feeling such a complex affair as to defy analysis.