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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tendre \Ten"dre\, n. [F.] Tender feeling or fondness; affection.

You poor friendless creatures are always having some foolish tendre.

  1. (obsolete form of tender English) n. Tender feeling or fondness; affection. v

  2. (obsolete form of tender English)


Tendre can refer to:

  • Map of Tendre, French map of fictional country Tendre
  • Mont Tendre, mountain in Jura, Switzerland
  • In musical directions, tenderly; see Glossary of musical terminology#T

Usage examples of "tendre".

De nouveaux arrivants interrompirent cet entretien intime, il fallut revenir a la cheminee, et les recevoir, leur tendre la main, trouver un mot a leur dire.

Miss Daventry cherished a tendre for Oswald and would gladly come if she knew he was to be there.

Oswald cherishes a tendre for Lexie, you know, although he knows it is hopeless.

Is that the same young man who once had a tendre for your sister-in-law?

Col du Marchairuz, a pass about seven kilometers away from Mont Tendre, before the search hovers came swarming.

We think he has a tendre for one of us, but the thing is, you see, he can never decide which of us it is that he likes.

Moorehead could distinguish her from her twin and that he had a tendre for her.

In fact, I do believe he had quite a tendre for you earlier in the Season.

I confess that when I was at home I suspected that he had a tendre for you.

If he did receive a rebuff he shrugged, and passed on, for he flirted for the sake of amusement, and any tendre that he might feel was neither lasting nor profound.

Alverstoke, four years senior to the fascinating Sally Fane, had never been amongst the aspirants to her hand and fortune, she frankly owned that she had a tendre for him, and ranked him amongst her oldest friends.

I am afraid he is the only one of her admirers for whom Charis does cherish a tendre, and I can conceive of nothing more unsuitable!

Will Fraddon had more than his handsome face to recommend him, and, had your tendre for him endured, neither I nor his parents would have raised any objection to the match.

Corysandre, sa douce parole, ses regards tendres ne parvinrent pas toujours a chasser les nuages qui assombrissaient son front.

When men of your age develop tendres for schoolgirls it is held to be a sign of senility!