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n. (plural of tendon English)

Usage examples of "tendons".

Maybe areas where the tendons attached to bone, or were under thicker skin?

Not only did his strange hair stand out blatantly, but so did the taut, blue tendons beneath his skin, especially by his cheekbones, nose, and chin, the tensest areas of his skin.

She could feel the wire-like power of his tendons and muscles cutting against her, with his motion, his every step.

His powerful, muscular chest and arms, lined everywhere with blue tendons impaled her eyes, reminding Trenae that he is not human.

The warmth of his hand and the texture of his flesh and tendons, though incredibly strong did not feel mechanical.

His skin appeared transparent, non-existent, revealing dark blue, even silver tendons striating in muscular sections on his face, neck and hands.

The little tendons still remained, and held the bones to their places, but this seemed to hurt the rest of the feet and annoy the man.

The dead flesh hung on to the bones and tendons long after the nerves and veins had ceased to perform their functions, and sometimes startled one by dropping off in a lump, without causing pain or hemorrhage.

The spectacle of men with their feet and legs a mass of dry ulceration, which had reduced the flesh to putrescent deadness, and left the tendons standing out like cords, was too common to excite remark or even attention.

Under that dry, leathery Heechee skin were powerful tendons and muscles.

It had a centimeter of down atop its smooth skull, and its shoulder and neck tendons twitched amiably as it greeted Sneezy.

She felt her heart struggle, pounding with the agitation of these images, and she thought that she could just about feel the devastation, it seemed so real to her, as if it were happening inside, within her own body, splintering the brittle sticks of her own bones, shredding her stringy muscles, wresting the rubbery ligaments of her legs, splitting her tendons and crushing her joints, like the savage twist and tear of green wood and flimsy bark in the saplings that had been planted along the sidewalk in front of the school, abruptly uprooted and torn free.

On the floor beside him was the mummy of a woman, her cheeks sunken and the tendons of the interlaced fingers standing out like ropes.

The thick cables of nerves and muscles and tendons, the architectural bridges, the whole of the incredible structure.

This in turn stretches and contracts the tendons of your wrist and your fingers.